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Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Baby Blog

 Everyone has a blog these days. In fact, some of us are so self-important we have more than one blog. I once tried balancing on multiple blog platforms at once only to discover that I don't in fact have enough time, energy or talent for one blog, let alone two or three. So here we are, almost three sentences in to the first-ever post on this shiny new blog and I'm already off to a disorganized, slightly self-deprecating start. Let's try this again, this time with heavily-asterisked commentary 

This blog is a slow-moving, baby turtle wearing only one shoe.

Hi! Welcome!*

    I'm Sarah. This is my new blog.**
      I've blogged before, but mostly in the I'm-a-college-student-this-is-my-life kind of way. I'm still a college student and I still have a life** but in a few months, I'm graduating and will have to learn to be PROFESSIONAL. My suspicious mentors tell me that PROFESSIONAL people have PROFESSIONAL websites and INTERESTING blog.**** Plus, it's spring-cleaning season and it's kind of nice to clear away the blog clutter. You thought I was going to do the all-caps things again right? Just goes to show that you never know WHAT I'm going to do. I'm FULL of mystery and unprofessional grammatical techniques! 

    This new "professional" baby-blog is still very much in its early stages of life, so bear with me while I works stuff out and figure how to use this new fangled internet. (Kidding). Check back for a less meta, introductory post soon and in the mean time you can follow me on Twitter (just request!).  


* This is my idea of an appropriately upbeat, friendly greeting--like maybe we're not BeSt frIendz 4eva!1 yet, but we have homeroom together and frequently participate in breathing oxygen in relative proximity to one another.
**Notice how I just lay those details out right away? Now you know I'm an eternal spring bursting with creativity. 
*** This is a matter of opinion.
****Note the highly unprofessional use of all-caps for emphasis?

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  1. New blogs are fun, so shiny and new. I find it to be a breath of fresh air, myself. Good luck! :)