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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Summer Resolutions

     My third year of college is over, my lease is almost up and an empty-looking summer lies ahead. Maybe it's because I spent most of my summers as a child at various ballet workshops and dance competitions, or maybe it's because summers are like little pockets of unexplored potential that mark a change in school years, but I've always felt like our summers help define us. How we choose to spend our summers reveals what we believe is most important to explore. As such, I think now is an appropriate time to begin blogging again regularly.
     This is my final summer holiday as a student and, as of yet, I have no idea what lies ahead for Graham (the husband) and I this summer or the months beyond. It's a little bit exciting, but also incredibly nerve-wrecking for someone like me whose had their life planned out meticulously since they were four years old. I intend to make this summer a purposeful expression of what matters most to me; my actions now will, hopefully, plant seeds that will yield harvest in upcoming years. (Excuse me for sounding like a Farmer's Almanac.) In addition to mundane, but important things like finding a new apartment in Manhattan, this summer will be full of. . .

  1. Dancing. I never get to dance as much as I need to and should during the school year. Dancing is such an integral part of my identity that when I can't train and take class very often, part of me feels purposeless. Also, like, I need a job when I graduate and ideally, that job would involve dancing. 
  2. Writing. I did some freelance editing and copywriting last summer and I'd like to continue in some fashion. I'm incredibly scared of pitching story ideas and unsolicited pieces to magazines, but this summer I will STOP being afraid and just do it. After years in the dance world, I'm used to hearing "no" over and over again.  No big deal.
  3. Serve. God's grown my heart for service over the last few years, especially. Graham and I just began attending a new church and I'd love to serve in the children's ministry or find opportunities for volunteer work there. I was initially looking to do an urban ministries internship program this summer but had to change my plans due to lack of funds. 
  4. Learn to be more organized. I'm pretty sure this one my New Year's Resolutions, Summer Resolutions and Back-to-School Resolutions every year, but it never happens. Who wants to give me organization lessons? 
    How are you planning to spend your summer? Are there any goals or milestones you hope to accomplish? 

Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Baby Blog

 Everyone has a blog these days. In fact, some of us are so self-important we have more than one blog. I once tried balancing on multiple blog platforms at once only to discover that I don't in fact have enough time, energy or talent for one blog, let alone two or three. So here we are, almost three sentences in to the first-ever post on this shiny new blog and I'm already off to a disorganized, slightly self-deprecating start. Let's try this again, this time with heavily-asterisked commentary 

This blog is a slow-moving, baby turtle wearing only one shoe.

Hi! Welcome!*

    I'm Sarah. This is my new blog.**
      I've blogged before, but mostly in the I'm-a-college-student-this-is-my-life kind of way. I'm still a college student and I still have a life** but in a few months, I'm graduating and will have to learn to be PROFESSIONAL. My suspicious mentors tell me that PROFESSIONAL people have PROFESSIONAL websites and INTERESTING blog.**** Plus, it's spring-cleaning season and it's kind of nice to clear away the blog clutter. You thought I was going to do the all-caps things again right? Just goes to show that you never know WHAT I'm going to do. I'm FULL of mystery and unprofessional grammatical techniques! 

    This new "professional" baby-blog is still very much in its early stages of life, so bear with me while I works stuff out and figure how to use this new fangled internet. (Kidding). Check back for a less meta, introductory post soon and in the mean time you can follow me on Twitter (just request!).  


* This is my idea of an appropriately upbeat, friendly greeting--like maybe we're not BeSt frIendz 4eva!1 yet, but we have homeroom together and frequently participate in breathing oxygen in relative proximity to one another.
**Notice how I just lay those details out right away? Now you know I'm an eternal spring bursting with creativity. 
*** This is a matter of opinion.
****Note the highly unprofessional use of all-caps for emphasis?