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Monday, August 23, 2010

BEDA 23: Last Minute Mockingjay Speculations

I don't have much time to blog today, but I'm determined to put some of my predictions for Mockingjay on the internet where they can taunt me with their incorrectness forever. In just a few short hours, I'll have that book in my hands and I don't intend to put it down until I've devoured every last page. It's been almost three years since my last midnight release/all-night-reading party (Deathly Hallows) and I fear I am old and out of practice, but I have a stockpile of sugary indulgences and caffeinated beverages at the ready in case my eyes begin to droop. . I transformed the "living room" area of my studio apartment into a little reading nook complete with blankets, pillows to punch when I'm frustrated and angry, and bears to clutch during the scary parts. Speaking of scary parts, we all know there are more deaths coming. I predict the following deaths:


1. Gale. Gale's going to put himself on the front lines of this war. We know he's pretty rash and bold, and I see him dying a gruesome, but heroic death. If Gale doesn't bite it, Peeta will, but I really think Peeta will survive. He provides thematic balance to Katniss' character and plus, IlovePeeteandhecan'tdie. I mean, I love Gale too, but I think it'll be a miracle if they both survive.

2. Finnick.

3. Cinna. Based on what we saw at the end of CF, Cinna is almost assuredly dead. I do think we'll find out a great deal about his history, his role in the rebellion, his possible relationship to District 13.

4. Either Prim or Mrs. Everdeen. I think it's just gotta happen. I'll put my bets on Katniss' Mom.

Other miscellaneous predictions:

     I expect the Undersee/Donner family to play a large role in the book. Even if some of them die/are already dead, we'll discover more about the family and probably find out that Mrs. Undersee or Madge knew something about the rebellion or played a role. If Mayor Undersee was rescued by the Capitol prior to District 12's destruction and continued supporting The Capitol I wouldn't be surprised if Madge (assuming she survived somehow as well) escaped to District 13 to fight with the rebels.

    I'm off to grab dinner with my friends Karen and Jenn before the party! For those of you who are reading Mockingjay tomorrow, ENJOY! Leave your last-minute predictions and speculations in the comments!

Down with The Capitol! See you on the other side.


  1. Yes, more Madge.

    Most of Katniss's pre-game team will be executed, even the ones who were ignorant of the plot.

    I lean more towards Gale in shipping than Peta, but I also lean more towards Gale in deaths. But Katniss has enough to worry about and I want the shipping to take a backseat until after the climax.

    I agree about Finnek.

    Johanna is going to something crazy and awesome that relate to Peeta's escape, and will go down fighting.


    Ugh Borders probably isn't going to ship my book until tomorrow, and I probably won't get to read until until Thursday. -facepalm-

  2. woot we're off to the bookstore! These are great Sarah! As much as it breaks my heart I think Peeta is toast. he's just so noble and self-sacrificing it's inevitable. I am so woried about Cinna; he's my favorite character by far. but if he and Peeta are held together in prison Peeta will help him survive. Oh Cinna. Secretly a BAMF, I'm sure. I also agree with you about Mrs. Everdeen. .And Haymitch too; he's the mentor after all, and mentors have to die before their proteges can rise. but in any case, DOWN WITH THE CAPITOL!!!!!

  3. My safest prediction is that Katniss will somehow find out the mystery of district 13.
    Enjoy your reading :)