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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Blessed to be a Blessing

In true Sarah Badger fashion, I have an impossibly long to-do list staring at me from its perch on a brand new Google Doc, which means it's time to finally update the blog.

A lot has changed since we last spoke, my friends. What began as a plan to rent a space hourly and teach a couple of semi-private classes has turned into the beginnings of a rather large more permanent project. There are many artists in this community, but no real one central place or group in which we can meet to exchange ideas, collaborate and provide arts education. By forming the Community Arts and Movement Center, I hope to be able to provide an outlet for artists to share and rehearse work, as well as a place where we can pass on our art form to others through classes and workshops. Rather than just a dance studio catering primarily to children, I envision a place of learning and wholesome artistic expression for the whole family. For the Fall, I am partnering with another teacher to offer dance classes in the space that will eventually be the Center as I work on all of the paper work and publicity that comes with forming a new organization or business. I'm beginning to believe that this is my reason God brought me to this area when and how He did -- so that I can use the blessings I've been given to bless others.

As of now I'm currently unsure as to whether this Arts Center should be a non-profit or a business. The ultimate goal is not for me to make a personal profit, but to benefit the community which makes me believe this should be a non-profit venture. I envision a class program that would generate revenue, but also a variety of free workshops, performances and master classes as well as, eventually, a free/donation-based arts program for low-income families. Of course there are a lot of other concerns that come with starting a non-profit, so I'm not entirely sure yet. I'm knee deep in all the literature I can find about the subject and busy making arrangements to get dance classes started this Fall. Oh yeah, and I'm teaching at another area studio this year too! It'll be a busy year, but a good busy. This is the kind of work that difficult for me to sit still during the day or sleep at night or do basically anything else. In other words, this project is completely compatible with my obsessive personality.

More updates coming soon!

Friday, August 19, 2011

My Eating Disorder Story

You can read a little about my journey to body acceptance in the September issue of Dance Spirit magazine! Obviously, my recovery process was much more lengthy and complex than I could discuss in a short piece, but I hope it gives you a little insight into the dangers, pain and destructiveness of disordered eating. Pick up the issue at newsstands or read the full article online.