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Friday, August 20, 2010

BEDA 20: Google Reader, Tangents, and Favorite Blogs

     In yesterday's meme, I briefly mentioned that I check Google Reader almost every time I use the internet. Once upon a time I refused to use Google Reader or any other kind of organization web tool, because I'm apparently always reluctant to adopt programs or activities that will actually make my life easier. For instance, at the ripe and wizened age of nine I vowed that I'd never learn to use the computer or the internet because it was dumb and I liked books. Then my sister told me there were Harry Potter webpages so I Yahoo-searched "Harry Potter" out of curiosity one afternoon, and one thing let to another and I became an internet junkie. Well, as much of an internet junkie as a homeschooled bibliophile with limited computer access could be be in 1999.  Harry Potter may have gotten some kids into reading, but it got me online. 
     Just as I once scorned the internet I now appreciate, even depend upon, I once vowed that I'd continue using bookmarks to access my favorite blogs. When I finally gave in, created a Google account, and began adding my favorite sites to the subscription feed, the amount of blogs I read increased substantially. I now follow about 80 sites and blogs, and while I don't read all of them all the time, I do have a few favorites I watch like a hawk and read nearly every day. I even switched to using Blogspot for my blogging needs because it's so much easier to "follow" other's blogs and have them immediately imported into Reader. 
      Aside from the personal blogs of friends and relatives, I regularly read and recommend the following: 

Stuff Christians Like  Jon Acuff satirized Christian culture and wonders if "the stuff we like gets in the way of the God we love." Thought-provoking and hilarious, particularly for anyone familiar with Evangelical subculture. 

The Church of No People I find myself nodding in agreement a lot while I read Matt's insightful and very funny posts. 

Pointe Magazine Blog keeps me updated on ballet-related issues. 

Rod Dreher's Blog on Big Questions Online I'm a fan of Rod's book Crunchy Cons and I read his blog avidly when it was part of BeliefNet and still follow it pretty regularly on BQO. I don't always agree with Rod on every issue, but I enjoy his perspective and the (generally) high level of discussion that takes place in the comments. 

    I could on, but it's late and we have places to be. And by "places to be" I mean "in bed rereading Catching Fire".

    What are your favorite blogs? 

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  1. Hey! I like Stuff Christians Like as well.
    While I'm not American, I do enjoy reading this blog:
    They are funny but I don't always agree with them.