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Friday, August 13, 2010

BEDA 13: Rice and Onions

 I think Saturday is a better day for dance reviews don't you?
     Honestly, blogging bunnies? I forgot about you today. Instead of working on that review, I finished some freelance assignments, checked out a stack of new library books, and watched the men's U.S. Gymnastics championships online. Then I spent about a half hour wondering if male gymnasts are actually human. I decided they're probably actually some super-creature designed by lizard-people aliens to make the rest of us feel like weak underachievers.    
     My back felt miraculously painless, if a little stiff, most of the day so I tried my hand at some core conditioning and Pilates. Yeah, that was a bad idea. The little pain demon hopped back inside my muscles and is now doing this. To distract myself from the psycho back demons, I played a game called
"How Many Ways Can We Eat Rice and Onions Today?". Because work has been slow for me and essentially non-existent for Graham, and going grocery shopping is not conducive to our current state of empty-bank-account-ness, we have been playing this game a lot lately. Today, we ate rice and onions two and a half different ways:
     1. Steamed Rice with lentils (!), sautéed onions and a make-shift curry sauce.
     2. Rice noodles with more sautéed onions, and baked onion rings.

  Although I really miss vegetables that don't sting your eyes when you chop them. I'm incredibly grateful to even have food right now. As an added bonus, I'm getting incredibly creative utilizing the various dry goods I find in our pantry. In the past week I have also had fun playing "how many ways can we cabbage?. I'm learning a lot.

   Any favorite rice dishes that involve minimal ingredients, you'd care to share?

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  1. I have no suggestions with the rice, but I'm sorry you're hurting. The link was hilarious. And, yes, male gymnasts are freaks of nature.