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Thursday, August 12, 2010

BEDA 12: Cheating

Today's post will be short and uninspired.
     During an audition this morning I nearly collapsed from a sharp shooting pain up the left side of my back. It's reduced mostly to a dull ache, but because it's still painful to move so I stayed home from class and rehearsal and didn't dance the rest of the day. I am trying to figure out if this is related to a back problem from my teenage years, or my lone overworked kidney. Graham basically made sure I remained bed-ridden most of the day and while I made good headway on a review of the Complexions performance I saw Tuesday, I think it needs another day of polishing by a less-addled brain.

    Time to return to reading by Vera-Ellen biography and trying to motivate myself to edit a draft of a new short story that's making me severely doubt my ability to write fiction (again). The review should be up tomorrow, if you're interested in long, possibly pretentious critiques of dance.

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