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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Smooth Moves and New Jobs

    Every time I prepare move, I invariably become convinced that no landlord will ever want to let me pay to live in his building. Until the moment I have a set of keys in my hand, I continue to find myself wondering which subway stations will best protect me from the elements, and which park has the comfiest benches. No matter how many times I recite Matthew 6:25, nothing reveals how much of a doubter and worrier I am, quite like moving. I'm happy to report that Graham and I have not been forced to sleep on the A train, waking only to break dance for spare change. God provided us with a smooth (if laborious) move-in and amazing friends willing to help carry boxes up five flights of stairs. We now live in a spacious studio apartment right along the Hudson River in an adorable part of Washington Heights. Graham and I both agree that if we were ever to raise a family in New York City, we would do it here (or even further North in Inwood).

    In other news, I've joined a dance company for its summer (and potentially Fall) season! I'm so excited to be rehearsing and performing again, and so grateful the Lord has blessed my attempts to do what I love professionally. Besides dancing, I'm making a small amount of money writing freelance which is both awesome and kind of weird. Awesome because "work" is now approximately three feet from my bed, and weird because I don't feel like I have a "real" job. Still, I'm not complaining. God is great. Life is good.

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