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Monday, September 27, 2010

Approaching Stress and Awesomeness

 The best times to update your blog are those times when you have approximately 47 other things to do n the next seven hours before your entire world implodes and gets sucked into a black hole of stress. This is one of those times. I'm not really stressed yet--it's still too early in the semester, and I've only just started my new internship, and An Extraordinary Echo is still a whopping ten days from opening. But I feel it. I sense the Stress and the Crazy waiting on the other side of the Wednesday bridge. Or maybe the Thursday wall. Either way, IT'S COMING.
  Today I started my internship at a dance magazine and while I haven't done much yet, I'm so looking forward to getting to work on a publication I've been reading for years, that I respect so much. School is wonderful and I actually enjoy every single one of my courses which is an incredible feeling. I particularly love my American History Through Literature class and feel like the biggest nerd when I'm the only one in the class who gets really, really enthusiastic about John Winthrop and Puritan court records.
   Every afternoon and evening I'm either working, rehearsing, or in dance class which means Graham and I barely see one another these days, except for the brief window between walking in the door night and falling asleep. Thankfully, I keep Sundays free for church, family time, and household chores, which keeps me sane. I hate having to miss Sunday rehearsals, but it's important to keep that day sacred, to me.
   Speaking of rehearsals, the show is coming together so beautifully but I still feel way overwhelmed by the fact that we open so soon. During the Summer I didn't have much to distract me from preparing for the performances physically and mentally, but now I'll be juggling school and two jobs during production week, something I haven't done since high school (minus the jobs). My mom is flying in to see the ballet as well, and I'm really looking forward to that, but also frustrated that I'll barely get to spend time with her while she's here. Still, she hasn't seen me dance in years, so this will be really special.

Just a quick, disorganized update. In case I don't blog again before the show, make sure you take advantage of the pre-sale discount and get ticket's for An Extraordinary Echo for just $10.

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