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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Busy, Busy January

Hi, Friends and Readers:

January has been a rewarding--and cold--month. I've been working on prioritizing and time management as I gear up for my busiest time of year. So far my efforts have paid off and I'm feeling ready to face the rest of winter!

I've started teaching BarreFIT at my studio and absolutely love it. I became a devotee of barre workouts in NYC since they combine two of my passions--ballet and Pilates! BarreFIT is my own program that seamlessly blends those dance and pilates elements with yoga and cardio. If you live locally, come check out the class on Thursday mornings at 6:30 am. A Monday morning and Friday evening class will begin later next month.

On the dance side of things, I've been busy choreographing dances, ordering ballet costumes and trying to make some tough decisions about the future direction of my business.

My humble studio is undergoing some ceiling renovations this week that I'm excited about. After those structural things done, we'll continue working on the cosmetic improvements we began last spring. I'm not the best interior decorator but it's always fun to give a new look to an old space.

As a performer, I've been busy with rehearsals for another play--this time a dinner theater production of Daddy's Girl with the Short Tract Town Theater (where I did Rogers & Hammerstein's Allegro last summer). It's been fun to play the mean girl.

Onto February!

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