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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Life Happens

   I'm saying "goodbye" to New York City in just a few short weeks. It's crazy how quickly life is changing: I finish college in 15 days, my husband begins college next month, and we'll be starting 2011 in a whole new town! Life in rural southwestern New York state will definitely be different, and exciting, but according to weather forecasts,  it will mostly just be very, very cold.
  One of the things I'll miss most after we move is In-Sight Dance Company. I've been so fortunate to perform and teach with them for the past six months. Keep an eye on this company because they're sure to continue growing, creating, and influencing the arts community in New York City and beyond. I feel like all I do on this blog is gush about how awesome In-Sight's artists and board members are, but it's all true and they deserve much gushing.
  As far as dancing is concerned, I plan to continue training upstate and hopefully teaching as well. Teaching is something I've really come to love in the last couple of years. I imagine I'll make it into the city fairly regularly for auditions, performances, and classes with my favorite teachers. Spring is a busy season in the dance world and I'll soon be busy sending out audition reels and cover letters to companies I admire!

. Of course, I'll keep updating Dancin' Words with news and thoughts about tutus, tights, the dance world and the arts.

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